SPC Board Members

Tom Everitt - President

I was introduced to pickleball over 10 years ago when many would ask “what’s pickleball”? Now it is a sport recognized throughout the world. I became involved with the Sarasota Pickleball Club right from its inception in 2017 and have worked with other past and present Board members to create the dedicated pickleball courts now in place throughout the County and, hopefully, will continue to grow. 


I obtained my teaching certification in 2020 and work with Club members, those new to the sport and those looking to improve their game. The Club has obtained its 501c (3) status and host clinics, open play and some of its certified instructors provide lessons to members and non-members alike. The membership of the Club grows continuously as it does throughout the country. We are constantly challenged to meet the demands of the ever-growing playing population and continue to work with both private and municipal facilities to meet these demands. I think this will be a continuing challenge for the Club and it will take the commitment of not only the Board but member volunteers.



Position currently vacant.

Cindy Isselee - Secretary

My husband and I moved from Weston, Connecticut to Sarasota in 2015.  I am a retired Elementary Educator , having spent 35 years teaching young children . At this time , I am a private tutor for 4 elementary students living in Sarasota.
I am a former tennis player, who stopped playing 25 years ago from an injury. After our move to Sarasota , I soon learned about Pickleball and began lessons at Colonial Oaks. I quickly developed new friendships that I cherish to this day. I usually play 3 days a week.I have volunteered yearly at The Sarasota Decorators Showhouse that benefit The Boys and Girl’s Club of Sarasota and also in the SPC Tournaments previously held.   I am happy to be a Board Member of SPC because I truly believe in the club’s mission –  one that benefits all the pickleball players of Sarasota.

Cathy Denault - Vice-President/Director - Communications

After many years in retail human resources management, it is so refreshing to be involved in the fantastic sport of pickleball. I have always been active in physical activity and for 20+ years, taught aerobic fitness and dance as my avenue for release from a very hectic career.
When I was introduced to this pickleball game, I was quickly addicted, not only to the game itself, but to the community of people that I have met and associated with from all parts of the world just from playing pickleball! From day one of introduction, I have been an avid player, participant and volunteer in many pickleball activities, tournaments, Seniors Games and served as a Board Director on two major pickleball associations.
As a certified International Pickleball Teaching Pickleball Association (IPTPA) instructor, and a court dealer for several major pickleball companies, I am honored to have had the opportunity to teach so many people this great sport.
A formal organized pickleball club in Sarasota has always been a passion of mine. Now, after the Sarasota Pickleball Club (SPC) lobbied for almost four years to have dedicated outdoor pickleball courts in Sarasota, I am proud to say, as a SPC Board member, this goal was achieved.
The SPC is now even more committed to further promoting and growing pickleball in the Sarasota area through planned events and activities. I look forward to working on the SPC Board to do just that and seeing all of you do the same! See you on the courts!

Lori Gentile- Director – Membership


Louis Frignito – Director – Activities



After spending 40 years self-employed in the automobile industry, my wife and I moved from Kenneth Square, PA to Sarasota in 2018. Since I enjoyed playing team sports, I ended up, pitching modified softball in several leagues for 30 years. When I came to Sarasota, I was introduced to Pickleball. And, from that first time, I was hooked! I went online immediately to find where to take lessons. I found out about RLT and lessons given by Cathy. Joined her class and the rest is history.  I have enjoyed helping out at the tournaments. Now, I am looking forward to being more active with SPC. To me, the best part of Pickleball, is the comaradery and the friendships you develop.