Sarasota Pickleball Club T-Shirts and Accessories

The Sarasota Pickleball club is proud to announce a

great partnership with Pickleball Xtra to provide you 

outstanding products boasting the SPC logo.


What an outstanding way to advertise the Sarasota Pickleball Club!


T-Shirts are available in performance or cotton blend materials. 


You choose the style, color, and fabric to suit what works for you!


Check out the accessories too! 


Delivery right to your doorstep usually within seven (7) days.  (*applies to US)


STOP:  Read below before you click the order button.

Please note:  If you are looking to purchase SPC t-shirts, send an email to to determine if any of the remaining inventory shown below is still available for purchase.  You can pick up, arrange delivery or have it mailed right away – no delay!  Once these are gone, they’re gone and we move forward with the above ordering system.

List below as of October 18, 2021.