Sarasota & Area Pickleball

Sarasota Outdoor Pickleball


The SPC was formed in 2016 for the sole purpose at that time of lobbying City and County government bodies to provide outdoor dedicated pickleball courts to the playing community in the northern part of Sarasota County.
This committee met with County Commissioners, Parks and Recreation personnel, made multiple presentations to advisory groups to both the City and the County and in general made pests of ourselves. However, the effort paid off.


We have worked successfully with the County to obtain six dedicated outdoor courts at Longwood Run Park and 12 courts at Pompano Ave. (adjacent to the Fair Grounds).
Both were projected to be available in the first half of 2021, however, the County has delayed the Longwood Run due to tendering issues. 
The Pompano site is presently under construction and due to be completed in the Spring 2022, also delayed from the original projected date.


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